Fabulous Fords

02 February 2023
Turning the spotlight on two ‘heavyweights’ from GT Spirit.
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Make no mistake, in comparison with most of GT Spirit’s car-based 1/18 models, this pair is both heavy to hold and big.

GT Spirit Ford F-150 ‘Raptor’(GT377)

This latest ‘Raptor’ Edition supplements GT Spirit’s previously-released F-150 line-up of versions in white (GT195) & black (GT781), and Shelby ‘Super Snake’ versions in blue (GT262) and white (GT824).

With its V6 450hp engine, and substantial suspension set-up, the Ford F-150 Raptor is, in all respects, an all-terrain SUV, and is a variant of the series that has been one of the biggest selling automotive ranges in the United States for decades.

As I have already mentioned, for a 1/18 model it really is heavy. With its abundance of very finely-detailed satin black trim over orange-red paintwork, it makes a striking display piece.  

GT Spirit Ford Bronco ‘Badlands’ (GT858)

Preceded by two closed top versions – the two-door First edition/Area 511 (GT 359) and four-door (GT360) – this third offering from GT Spirit of the ‘Badlands’ Edition, with opened top, comes in colourful metallic Cyber Orange paintwork.

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Although only 60% the length of its companion ‘Raptor’, it is, nevertheless, also a very heavy model. With its similarly-applied satin black trim over the distinctive paintwork, it is also a striking display piece.

From a collectors point of view, both models share a host of attributes. The paintwork is flawless and the black trim is clean, crisp and dense, with well-defined edges. Wheel arch extensions, lower side trims, running board steps, pick-up bed surrounds, bumpers and underbody are all perfectly defined and textured. These accolades apply equally to the predominantly black, yet still very visibly accessible, interior of the ‘Badlands’.

Consistent with GT Spirit’s attention to fine detail, the wheels, lights, badging – some of which is minute – is all so well-modelled that it stands up to exacting scrutiny under close-up photography. Chunky, real-life ‘boys toys’ they may be, but this pair of fab Fords make genuinely refreshing alternative takes on ‘automotive exotica’ for the display cabinet.