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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Matchbox Superfast Available only as a digital edition

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In 1969, Matchbox responded to the competition from Hot Wheels with its own range that featured low-friction ‘mag’ wheels. 

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Superfast 1-75 series, Fast & Fifty focuses on the original Lesney era, from 1969 to 1982, covering every basic model released as well as taking a look at the accessories and ranges that were sold to complement and work with the models released. Sold in eye-catching packaging, the range became a huge success and is still hugely popular today.

Fast & Fifty is packed with information and evocative photography to truly bring back memories of a bygone era and act as a basis for the collector:

    Every basic model released by Lesney photographed and detailed
    Production variations highlighted and photographed
    Arranged in easy and quick to locate sections by release number
    Valuation guide for every release listed
    Box styles described and photographed
    Accessories featured such as Track Sets, Pop-Up Roadways, Matchbox Motorway, Storage Cases, Display Units and Catalogues
    Special ranges detailed – Streakers, Rolamatics, Scorpions, Super Kings and Speed Kings.
    Restoration guide and tips for bringing playworn models back to life
    A look at life for the Superfast range “Beyond Lesney” up to the current day in the hands of Mattel


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