Diecast Collector - May 2021

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VW Amarok, Commer Walk-Thru, Nissans, Metro, Mercury – read the stories and more in the latest issue of Diecast Collector.

On Sale: 01/04/2021

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What's in this Issue?

VW’s Amarok Aventura goes under the new model spotlight and there are 40 brand new model reviews to tempt you. We take a look back at the original efficient delivery van – the Commer Walk-Thru. The power of advertising is tested, and Nissans and Metros are examined. The original Mini replacement that never was makes for a thought-provoking interlude, and both Dennis the Menace and Thunderbirds make an appearance too. We conclude our look at cars that raced in Bastos colours, take a trip to the circus and remember an innovative Austrian entrepreneur. Then there’s the return of a vintage brand, Mercury.
As well as all your regular favourites, latest industry news, auction news and price guide, and lots of brand new models detailed and reviewed.

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