Diecast Collector - January 2024

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Over 50 new model releases, with 11-pages of model reviews including Oxford Diecast and Solido. Plus, all your regular favourites in the new January issue of Diecast Collector.

On Sale: 01/12/2023

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the January issue of Diecast Collector, we bring you:

News and events - What's happening in the world of diecast collecting. 
The Corgi Years - Rick Wilson continues his series of year-by-year articles from the beginning of the Corgi brand in 1956.
A-Z of Collecting - In which Alwyn Brice continues his series, leafing through the alphabet of diecasts.
Collecting by numbers - Charting the evolution of the Matchbox Superfast range during the Lesney years, from 1969 to 1982.
Top Vintage Dinky - DTCA Chairman, Michael Driver, picks another vintage favourite from Dinky...
Dear Editor - Your diecast-related questions shared.
Toy Fair Times - News of upcoming events that you might want to put in your diary.
Toy Tales - Ed Karswell ponders the wonderful world of model collecting.

What's New - Seven pages of new model reviews.
Model Spotlight - Stephen Paul Hardy assesses another new batch of popular models. 

Hobby Master F-35 - The latest F-35B fighter has been modelled in 1/72 scale by Hobby Master. Jarrod Cotter takes a look...
Diecast Collector Index 2023 - The last year, at a glance.
Matchbox Excavators - Paul Brent Adams compares different versions of the same model, made three years apart.
The Classic Era - Francisco Mota looks various Porsche classic transporters.
TV & Film - Thunderbirds FAB1 - Mike Pigott continues his series on Gerry Anderson's TV-21 models.
A female perspective - Hazel Ralston talks us through her collecting story... from the early days of marriage, to getting hooked on Spot-On.
Desert Island Diecast -Richard Davies is this month’s castaway. 
Charity Christmas Cards - David Wright tells the story of the Ben charity and its Christmas card range.
Reality Check - Alwyn Brice considers the compromises and consequences of translating a real car into miniature.
Corgi Model Club Restoration - David Wright recounts a sad tale of loss and re-birth; how to re-purpose, re-cycle and re-use a well-loved Corgi Toy.
Off the Beaten Track - Andrew Ralston investigates the home of French Dinky Toys.

Auction news - Highlights around the auction rooms and online this month. 
Online results - We help you to put a value on your collection, with a look at recent online auction results. 
Price Guide - Value your collection with auction results from around the country. 

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