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Are videogames the future of collecting?

Rob Burman
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Posted on 01 May 2014

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One thing that we're often asked here at Collectors Club of Great Britain is what will be the future of collecting? People are very keen to hear what they should be buying now, just in case the value will increase in the future. Perhaps they're annoyed they've missed out on the Star Wars phenomenon and are keen to rectify it.

Something we've been considering for a while are the numerous videogames and consoles produced by the likes of Atari, Nintendo and Commodore. Although they may be seen as 'modern' items, some of these early products are now in their late 30s and early 40s - making them just as 'vintage' as classic Star Wars action figures, which regularly fetch thousands at auction.

Recently we caught up with Phil Hughes, specialist valuer at Sheffield Auction Gallery and avid collector of videogame memorabilia and he agreed that videogames could be something to look out for in the future. What's more, most of these products are flying under the radar of some collectors and can be picked up for cheap on auction websites, car boots and even traditional auctions.

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments if you agree with Phil.

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7 comments so far...

1.David Fortune
16 May 2014 23:33
The first nail in the coffin for Corgi......the second nail for Dinky as they are generally older.
23 Jun 2014 10:57
Ahh Mr Hughes you know your material well, Brick Lane 2001 ?, so what's the deal with Bambino:
they are quite lovely.
01 Aug 2014 21:31
The Bambino Master Blaster is indeed a triumph of design over substance, I'm a big fan of the CGL Galaxy Invader which came in three different versions over time, starting off looking like a rounded dull grey star wars prop, it evolved into a bright yellow Lamborghini Countach tail light before ending up a sleek orange James Bond baddy TV remote. Brick Lane 2001? I used to pick these up very cheaply there on Sunday mornings, a few years before that though.
30 Oct 2014 09:15
I collect video games as well as toys but i collect them because i love them and they bring back great memories, not because they are potentially valuable in 20 years, i'm sure my sons will think its a bonus if they are though!
30 Oct 2014 09:16
Indecently if anybody is interested in them I buy alot from this chap
01 Nov 2014 20:39
dannymoe - I think the article in the gazette made it clear, despite the by line about 'the next Star Wars' (there has been enough of those) we are just looking forward to, and sharing enthuisiasm for 'our' generations old toys. Rob Burmans comments about what is vintage are really interesting. There is a line somewhere when folks started buying carded figures just to stockpile, as a pose to those just left as old stock/found etc. Those things are now produced by the go-zillion for every franchise going, and quite brilliantly, compared to their early outings. For the 'handhelds' there was a relatively short production period, they were almost always superseded upon launch, and companies needed to get them out quick to cover research costs, as they new what was coming. Lots of poor versions of various games appeared, and horrible 'retro' things sold by the likes of John Lewis at Christmas next to tiny pool tables and Corgi/Vanguard Postman Grommit,wallace,Pat,sheep bah humbug, Classic aircraft,'s quice nauseating how collectors of that are being taken for a ride by Corgi, Atlas et al made in China.
I'm not sure you should 'indecently' advertise on here.

7.Daniel Smith
29 Mar 2015 22:53
Did my first toy fair at Donnington with a collection of Nintendo Game and watch, Tomytronic games and many others in manly boxed condition. Ive been collecting these for over 15 years and imported / exported world wide. The idea of collectable of the future seems strange to me as they are already hard to find and when you do they are rarely in good condition unless from likeminded collectors. They were expensive when new so if like me the grown up boys can now buy what they once had back or never had but can now afford then this can make for some kind of investment. But just a note for anyone thinking of starting, beware there are some overpriced reproductions already out there and games which have been repaired badly which may not be too obvious. If the game is enjoyable to pkay then it is a game to keep. Thanks to all there today showing appreciation for the games I took today.
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