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  • The USA release Batman stamps
    The US Postal Service have issued eight new stamps featuring illustrations of comic book hero Batman - click here to watch a video from the Batman stamps launch
  • 10 facts about the 1840 'Penny Black' stamp
    The 1d Black is the world's first adhesive postage stamp - find out more about the famous stamp in our special guide
  • The latest collecting articles
    Read the latest collecting articles on stamps and coins, and watch our range of video reports in our comprehensive 'features' archive
  • Don't Miss! Coin Collecting Magazine
    Coin Collecting Magazine is your indispensable guide to coins, providing in-depth features on every aspect of collecting coins from around the world.
  • Share your stamps
    Readers can now showcase their own stamp collections in Stamp & Coin Mart. Get involved and find out how you can share your favourite items with fellow collectors…
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Thanks to the long history of stamps and coins, we collectors are spoilt for choice. We can collect the classics, from centuries ago, specialise in modern issues, or dabble in both.

Whatever your preferred period, we've got it covered in Stamp & Coin Mart magazine and we have some great articles coming in 2014.

Every issue of Stamp & Coin Mart brings you all the latest news on new stamps and coins, while other highlights include:

in-depth articles written by top experts

market insight from dealers and auctioneers

• collecting guides and tip to ensure you get the most from your hobby

Our exclusive series on the British Library Philatelic Collections, and the coins of the British Museum make the magazine a must-read for anyone with an interest in stamps and coins. But we don't just cover the country's philatelic and numismatic treasures. Each issue provides practical collecting advice, with beginners' guides, useful tips and expert opinion, helping you to improve your collection.

Stamp & Coin Mart is available as a print or digital edition, so find out more and join the growing number of collectors who read the magazine every month.



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Stamp & Coin Mart is the UK's number one resource for stamp and coin collecting and is available as a print or digital edition.

We work with the leading philatelic and numismatic businesses to offer our subscribers fantastic reader offers, exclusive competitions and discounts on a range of collecting products.

Take advantage of some fantastic subscription offers on this site or buy the latest issue, and see why thousands of collectors look forward to receiving Stamp & Coin Mart every month.


Latest Issue

Latest IssueOur December issue of Stamp & Coin Mart features a range of in-depth collecting articles covering topics from the 1863 Postal Conference in Paris to the coins of King Stephen in 12th-century England.

  • We preview the anticipated Christmas stamps
  • We look back to when high values where used for commemoratives and assess special slogan postmarks issued by Royal Mail
  • We take a trip to Easter Island for an intriguing thematics article
  • We look at the making of the Hong Kong 1968 ‘Sea Craft’ issue
  • A guide to British Empire coins
  • We learn more about lucky collectors who discovered error stamps worth thousands

With the latest news stories, price updates, dealer advice and new issue information, December’s Stamp & Coin Mart has all the information you need to help build your collection, every month.

Order the print edition using the 'Buy the latest issue' button in the bottom right hand corner, or download the digital edition for your preferred device using the following links:


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