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Welcome to the Seventh Edition of Ramsay’s British Model Trains Catalogue. Much time has been spent in updating values of more recently released model. The high interest in private owner (PO) wagons, as modern collectables, made it necessary to completely revise the suggested values of these in the relevant chapters. In the past, it has been impossible to get prices of these individual wagon models from ‘room’ auction results as, in this type of auction, they are sold in job lots. Until now, online auction prices have been too erratic to provide dependable information but this is changing as more collectors turn to this method of buying.
While one can generalise in applying suggested values to most wagons, commissioned private owner wagons of the past are much in demand and show some very prices paid. In some case, these have risen to these levels in five or less years and, it seems that this has occurred irrespective of the number of models originally released. This particularly applies, for example, to Bachmann 14 ton tank wagons where prices seem to be dictated by how unusual is the name carried on the tanker, rather than by how many of the models were made. So the suggested values of Bachmann, Replica, Mainline, Airfix, Hornby and Dapol wagons have been completely revised in this edition, some showing substantial increases

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