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Beginners Dolls House Project - Making Miniature Dolls House Hats

Kat Hazelton the Hat Lady

Posted on 22 Apr 2011

Finished Hats by Kat Hazelton
Finished Hats by Kat Hazelton
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An easy dolls house project to make miniature ladies hats from cardboard and string. Kat has used hemp twine for these hats, a fantastic thread used in macrame, jewellery making and primitive craft. It is available in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses, and ideal for creating a great imitation 1/12th scale miniature straw hat. Cards and balls of this twine are readily available through most craft shops, and you can often get a ball of natural hemp at garden centres. Kat recommends using 1mm thickness for these hats.


  • A4 sheet of thin white card
  • Scissors
  • Ball of hemp twine, natural or coloured
  • Tacky Glue
  • Cocktail Stick


Step 1

  • Cut a length of card 5/8" x 3".
  • Gently bend the card around your finger/thumb to form a circle with about a 3/8" overlap.
  • With a cocktail stick, apply glue to the overlap and leave to dry.



Step 2

  • Cut a rough square slightly larger than the circular crown
  • Run a bead of glue around one end of the crown and glue to the square
  • Leave to dry, once dry, neatly cut around the edges.



Step 3

  • Run a line of glue around the bottom edge of the crown, and glue on the hemp twine, rotating and pressing down as you go.
  • Repeat, adding more glue, rotating and pressing until you reach the top.
  • Next apply glue to the entire top, and continue spiraling until you reach the centre.
  • Cut the twine and glue down the cut end.



 Step 4

  • Cut a circle with a 2" diameter from the card.
  • Cut out a 3/4" circle from the middle of the brim
  • As before, use glue to cover the card with twine until you reach the centre.
  • Glue down the end. Trim the outer edges so that the card doesn't show. Leave to dry.
  • Repeat with the underside of the brim.



 Step 5

  • Glue the crown to the brim & leave to dry.
  • The hat is now ready to decorate.



 This project was first published in Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine. For more beginners projects why not order yourself a copy of the magazine, or better still, why not take out a subscription so that you never miss an issue.

 Please take a moment once you've finished your hats to check out the beginners project to make flowers, leaves and feather trimmings for your miniature dolls house hats.


2 comments so far...

1.Shirley-Ann Dick
20 Mar 2012 16:40
Great tutorial. I've made miniature hats before, and found that using hesian or stiffened calico as a base gives a better result than paper, and means that hat can be displayed at more angles without the unsightly paper being visible :)
28 Dec 2012 01:12
Thank you Shirley for your lovely comment about my tutorial. You are correct Calico, hessian or buckram also are wonderful for hat making. With this tutorial I was showing that even with just plain card anyone can make a lttle hat :-). If any of you have troubles with the car showing you can add a lining inside the hat and with the magic of a little lace trimming hide any peeping paper around the edging :-).
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